jim arkedis


arkedis-jimJim Arkedis has joined DSPolitical to spearhead the firm’s international work for the 2019 European Union elections. Jim is an American political operative with extensive experience in international campaigning, specializing in campaign strategy, communications, voter mobilization, and digital targeting. Since 2012, he has consulted with political parties or on campaigns in Bulgaria, Macedonia, Lebanon, Tunisia, Algeria, Haiti, Sweden, Denmark, and Austria.

Separately, he runs Indispensable, a non-profit organization that educates Americans on the role our core values play in US foreign policy and, 4DPAC, a political action committee that works with Democratic candidates for Congress.

As a political commentator, he has appeared on CNN, MSNBC, France24 and been published in The New York Times, The Atlantic, Politico, USNews, and many others. His co-authored book – Political Mercenaries: The Inside Story of How Fundraisers Allowed Billionaires to Take Over Politics – was published by Palgrave MacMillan in 2014