reaching influencers

Helping you reach important media, Democratic Party insiders, and other influential audiences.


DSPolitical presents its premium targeting platform — Blackbook — combining the robust power of its expansive advertising network with expertly curated databases of influential audiences including media, Democratic Party insiders, and Capitol Hill decision makers. Your ads are delivered directly to these premium audiences on their desktops, laptops, mobile phones, and tablets — wherever and whenever they happen to browse online. Target Efficiently Discreet, hyper-focused media targeting with Blackbook offers the most cost-effective media buying — guaranteeing your efforts to directly impact these influencers also makes the most of your advertising budget. Using Blackbook, you will reach the right targets more often than with any other type of advertising. How? Our granular targeting ability and exhaustively curated influencer databases. Target With Precision With Blackbook, you will always know how well your campaign is performing and have the ability to refine your message with creative testing capabilities. Your campaign is as nimble as you are and we are ready to offer our expert advice and guidance so you get the most from your advertising strategy.

Influential Media

DSPolitical has joined forces with political media relations specialists to help clients reach influential members of the media. We’ve matched their expertly curated database of influential media professionals against our pool of browser cookies and mobile device profiles. Your ads can now be delivered directly to these powerful media targets wherever they go online. It has never been easier to reach these important reporters, assignment editors, and media influencers who so deeply impact the way Americans view candidates and causes.

Democratic Insiders

This partnership between DSPolitical and DemList is a vehicle for our clients to message over 10,000 self-subscribed followers that make up the Democratic Party’s key decision makers, thinkers, and leaders who represent the Party itself, allies and most committed voters. By matching our browser cookies, social media profiles, mobile device IDs, and validated IP addresses to the DemList member database, marketers can for the first time serve digital ads to the Democratic Party elite both at a high volume and across every website and mobile app they browse.

Capitol Hill Decision Makers

DSPolitical can get your message in front of important Capitol Hill decision makers. From members of Congress and their staffs to regulators and lobbyists, we use sophisticated geographic targeting to reach specific locations frequented by these heavy hitters supplemented by an expertly curated database of the very influencers you need to reach.