Most state legislative and local candidates just can’t afford television ads. Even if they could, district boundaries rarely fit neatly within the confines of a media market so thousands of dollars would end up wasted reaching people who can’t even vote in that candidate’s district. In 2012, the Pennsylvania Senate Democratic Caucus was looking to go on the offense by targeting five seats held by Republicans. In order to be victorious, the Caucus needed to be resourceful and creative. Likely Democratic voters were to be ignored in favor of targeting less likely Democratic voters and soft Republicans and Independents with pre-roll video. DSPolitical worked with the Caucus and its pollsters to place new creative in front of voters every two weeks, relentlessly taking advantage of the shifting moods and views of targeted voters. In the end, Democrats won three additional seats in the Pennsylvania State Senate — more pickups for Democrats than any other election since 1970. In fact, it was the largest swing by either party in nearly two decades.