voter-optimized connected tv

Take digital advertising to the TV screen with DSPolitical’s Voter-Optimized Connected TV.

Reach your voters on the largest screen in the house.

Connected TV is one of the fastest-growing platforms in digital advertising. With over 80% of American households with access to at least one CTV device, this growing channel gives campaigns of all sizes a chance to reach their voters like never before. DSPolitical’s Voter-Optimized CTV presents multiple ways of getting your message to your voters.

Deterministically Matched Voter Targeted CTV

DSPolitical holds the largest source of voter-targeted inventory on the market. Our deterministically matched CTV places your message in high quality, predominantly non-skippable placements. You’re able to take the same sophisticated targeting of digital advertising to reach similar audiences on CTV

Behavioral Based CTV from Audience Insights

To build on your CTV buying power we can layer behavioral targeting to prioritize CTV channels related to your audience’s attributes and interests. One example is with ACR data or Automated Content Recognition to identify audiences viewing history. We’re able to both identify new audiences and channels to broaden CTV spend.

Geographic Based CTV from Target Geographies

To increase the scale of CTV programs, we’re able to amplify your message to your audience with geographic-based CTV. Our team will identify target geographies for your audience and over-index these zip codes to prioritize CTV in these locales or buy run of network CTV across a geography to ensure we’re surrounding your target audience with your message.

Getting Educated on Connected TV

Why should I incorporate CTV in my campaign?

People all over the world are spending more time than ever on the internet and cutting the cord with cable TV, and as a result, global digital ad impressions on mobile and over-the-top devices have increased significantly in the past year. These are all trends that we’ve seen over the past few years, but COVID-19 has amplified them.

Free Educational Resources

Have more you want to learn about CTV? We have tons of free resources available to you to download– many of which are on the topic of Connected TV. Check out a few of them at the links below.

Ready to reach your voters with targeted digital ads on Connected TV?