DSPolitical Worldwide has been recognized for its trailblazing work around the globe, receiving both Best International Online Ad Campaign and Best European Online Ad Campaign at the 2016 Reed Awards.

To date, the company has brought the same voter targeted digital advertising technology it pioneered in American to other countries including Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom, Mexico, Brazil, and Turkey.

“We revolutionized the way American candidates target voters online. A veritable who’s who of Democratic Governors, Senators, Members of Congress, Super PACs, national political party organizations and major advocacy organizations have leveraged the power of our technology to cut through all the clutter and communicate with precisely the voters that need to hear their message. I’m incredibly excited to bring this technology to other countries.”

— Eli Kaplan, co-founder

DSPolitical Wins Big in Australia

In the recently concluded general elections in Australia, DSPolitical ran targeted voter campaigns for a major national political party along with advocacy groups seeking to educate voters about their particular issues. In the marginal constituencies in which we ran our highly targeted advertising, our candidates won by a 2:1 margin.

We’re taking the lessons we learned in Australia back to our clients—especially how video completion rates vary from constituency to constituency. Our hope is to help further hone and test messaging that works for particular communities.

DSPolitical Introduces World Class Targeting Technology in Canadian Federal Elections

DSPolitical delivered over 8 million digital video impressions in the 2015 Canadian Federal elections and reached over 450,000 highly targeted voters in key ridings. We used cutting edge IP and cookie targeting to ensure that the right voters received client messages. And, it worked so well that we were subsequently engaged in two provincial elections in Newfoundland/Labrador and Saskatchewan.

DSPolitical Plays Pivotal Role in the UK’s First Digital General Election

Our first international engagement was a big one – delivering 10 million highly targeted digital video impressions in the 2015 UK general election. The cookie-matched voter advertising we delivered in targeted constituencies delivered an average click thru rate 2.8-3.7 times higher than a typical American campaign.

DSPolitical Delivers in Mexico

In June, Mexicans went to the polls across the country to vote in crucial gubernatorial elections, and DSPolitical went to work launching banner and pre-roll messages with hyper-accurate geographic targeting. We also partnered with our friends at the Mellman Group in one of the largest and most important elections in the country to pioneer a polling-driven digital targeting solution that is revolutionizing politics south of the border.

DSPolitical Makes History in London

When Sadiq Khan was sworn in as mayor of London he made history as the first Muslim ever elected to govern a major Western capital. Building off of our work in the UK general elections and party elections, we were proud to play a small role supporting Sadiq’s historic election in London.

“Campaigns around the world are looking to communicate with voters in their individual constituencies. Our revolutionary technology is the only product on the market that allows campaigns to speak only to the voters that need to hear their message. We have a team ready to not only serve national parties, but, individual campaigns as well.”

— Waverly Loza, VP of Client Services

DSPolitical is America’s leading voter targeted digital/online ad network having delivered several billion voter targeted digital ads online and millions more on social media and mobile phones and tablets. The Washington Post recently reported that DSPolitical’s innovative technology was bringing “Obama-quality digital tools all the way down to” local elections while Techwire hailed DSPolitical as a “pioneer” in the “[targeting of] voters through digital advertising.”

Because of the ad targeting technology perfected by DSPolitical, scores of American candidates are able to reach the exact right voters needed to win. The company’s clients include a who’s who of party committees, United States Senators, Governors, Members of Congress, and many other ballot measures and local candidates.

Some of DSPolitical’s American clients include: United States Senators Heidi Heitkamp, Joe Donnelly, Chris Murphy, Tim Kaine, Joe Manchin, Kristen Gillibrand, Bob Martinez, Maria Cantwell, and Tom Carper. United States Representatives Mark Pocan, Jim Himes, Bill Pascrell, Ed Perlmutter, Suzan DelBene, and Matt Cartwright. Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, Democratic Governors Association, Planned Parenthood, Sierra Club, NextGen Climate Action, FWD.us, NARAL Pro-Choice America, United Food and Commercial Workers, and many others.