“Best Self-Serve Platform”

Campaigns and Elections Magazine – Reed Award

Easy to Use:
The platform is easy-to-use. With just a few clicks users can have their voter targeted digital ad campaigns up and running in under 10 minutes.
Starting at just $500, is an affordable voter targeted digital advertising solution for campaigns of any size.
The award-winning platform trusted by thousands of candidates and causes over four election cycles to launch successful voter targeted digital ad campaigns.
Best Tech:
Uses the same best-in-class technology perfected and deployed by DSPolitical on behalf of candidates with multi-million-dollar budgets.
Best Data:
Allows candidates and causes to target their digital ad campaigns using the best voter data on the market or their own custom audiences.
Best Reach:
Secures match rates as high as 90 percent, allowing us to serve up to six times the number of ads against your target audiences as other solutions.
Powerful Ad Formats:
Helps candidates reach targeted voters with digital banner, non-skippable pre-roll video, and native ads (a cutting-edge format that results in sky-high engagement).
New Features:
DSPolitical never stops innovating. The platform has been updated to give clients more features, more control, and more scale. Result: More power for you to reach your audiences.
Proudly Progressive:
DSPolitical was started by progressive political operatives and technologists to help Democrats succeed. We do not work with Republicans.