reach political influencers

Blackbook by DSPolitical is a premium data offering to find, reach, and persuade political influencers

The problem: a fragmented media environment

Media has proliferated rapidly since the pandemic’s onset – both in terms of the quantity of content available to consumers, and ways to access that content. Even exceptional advertising strategies will fail to capture widespread attention when focused on individual publications.

The audience-first solution

We use an audience-first solution – where success is defined based on whether we can reach and persuade specific and knowable people. Blackbook by DSPolitical is designed to reach exactly the people that you need to reach through the use of proprietary datasets and access to our exclusive data partnerships.

Blackbook by DSPolitical is a data solution for campaigns looking to influence policymakers, business leaders, and decision-makers.

With first-party data partnerships paired with premium geolocation technology, Blackbook takes an audience-first approach to media activation in order to pass legislation, move public opinion, and improve brand recognition. Reach audiences such as:

  • Policymakers and political appointees
  • Key elected leaders and candidates
  • House and Senate Energy Committees
  • Presidential advisors, staffers, and donors
  • Journalists and IR community
  • Lobbyists and other influential voices
  • Federal Government Employees
  • DC Metro Area Power Influencers
  • State Legislatures and Staff

First-Party Data

We’ve partnered with premium data providers that supply up-to-date segments for congressional audiences, state government members, executive branch influencers, and more


Our always-on geolocation services allow you to surround target audiences with digital ads in key locations like State Capitol Buildings, Party Committee Offices, the White House, and the U.S. Capitol Complex. 

Custom Solutions

Looking to target a specific audience that isn’t listed above? Blackbook’s custom solutions build unique audience segments to meet your campaign’s exact goals.

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