DSPolitical is America’s leading voter targeted digital ad network for Democrats and progressives having delivered billions of voter targeted digital ads online and on mobile devices. The company’s expansive inventory, breadth of reach, and unrivaled access to the best data have made it the clear choice of Democrats and progressives seeking a critical advantage over the competition.

Since 2011, the ad targeting technology pioneered and perfected by DSPolitical has helped scores of candidates reach the exact right voters they need to win. That’s because DSPolitical was founded by political technology and campaign veterans with decades of experience working in politics. They know how important it is for campaigns and causes to be able to reach every voter on every device, everywhere.

“Putting the power of DSPolitical’s unrivaled data and near universal reach into the hands of Democratic campaigns and their consultants has transformed the way campaigns are run.”

— Eli Kaplan, DSPolitical co-founder

the first, the best

During the early days of online political technology, DSPolitical co-founder Michael Bassik ran the same question over in his mind again and again, “if we could somehow match internet users against the voter file and serve digital ads directly to the voters we’re targeting, wouldn’t it be a more efficient and ultimately more impactful way to reach voters online?”

It wasn’t long before Bassik, then a consultant to John Kerry’s 2004 Democratic presidential campaign, was able to put his theory to the test.

The opportunity came with the first debate between Kerry and President George W. Bush. In advance of the highly publicized pairing at the University of Miami, Bassik and his team matched the voter file against AOL users. (Remember this was 12 years ago!) Then, immediately after Kerry and Bush shook hands ending their exchange for the evening, Bassik pushed ads directly to targeted voters using AOL. More than encouraging, the results proved Bassik’s theory correct: targeting voters online will save campaigns money and truly impact the way candidates and causes are viewed.

A few short years later, Bassik joined Jim Walsh, Chris Massicotte, and Eli Kaplan in co-founding DSPolitical, the nation’s leading voter targeted digital ad network exclusively for Democrats and progressives. Since those early days, DSPolitical has delivered billions of voter targeted digital ads online and on mobile devices.

unrivaled “big data”

When it comes to using “big data” for voter targeted digital ads, DSPolitical has an unmatched partnership with Catalist, the progressive movement’s go-to voter data provider. In fact, it is this unique partnership that has enabled DSPolitical to match hundreds of millions of browser cookies and device profiles against the Catalist voter ­file with hundreds of targetable audience segments resulting in the ability to reach more than 90% of available online advertising inventory in the United States. No other digital ad network has access to such inventory matched with Catalist’s battle tested voter data.

proudly progressive

DSPolitical is a proudly progressive company. Its partners and staff are progressive. Its clients are exclusively Democratic and progressive. And its Catalist voter data is maintained exclusively for progressive causes. That means DSPolitical’s clients never have to worry that their hard-earned ad dollars are going to a “progressive” ad network propped up by shadowy Republicans interests or to enhance a voter file that’s also used by Republicans.

unmatched experience

Founded in 2011 by political technology and campaign veterans, DSPolitical’s leadership team has decades of experience working with Democratic campaigns, progressive organizations, and in the political technology space at all levels. Combine this battle-tested experience with its expansive inventory, breadth of reach, and unrivaled access to the best data and DSPolitical’s voter targeted ad network is the clear choice for Democrats and progressives seeking a significant advantage over the competition.