DSPolitical is America’s leading digital advertising company for Democratic candidates and progressives causes. The company’s proprietary enterprise software, expansive inventory, breadth of reach, and unrivaled access to the best voter file data, make it a clear choice for those seeking a critical advantage over their competition.

Since 2011, the ad-targeting technology pioneered and perfected by DSPolitical helped hundreds of candidates reach the exact voters needed to win. That’s because DSPolitical was founded by political technology, data and campaign veterans with decades of political experience. They know how important it is for campaigns and causes to be able to reach every voter on every device, everywhere.

“In the scheme of things, ours was a modest campaign with significant results and I think a lot of that goes to the unique technology that DSPolitical is able to bring to the table. “

— Brendon Mills, BlueLabs

the first, the best

In 2002, during the earliest days of online political technology, the DSPolitical founders ran the same question over in their minds again and again, “if we could somehow match Internet users against the voter file, wouldn’t it be a more efficient and more impactful way to reach voters online?”

It wasn’t long before they were able to put their theory to the test, leveraging voter-file data, groundbreaking technology and highly targeted media to win countless elections up and down the ballot.

Ten years later, we created DSPolitical to bring these powerful solutions to Democratic candidates and causes everywhere, through our managed service and self-service technologies.

Since our founding, DSPolitical has helped over 1,250 candidates win their races and countless causes achieve their legislative and electoral goals.

unrivaled data

DSPolitical has an unmatched partnership with Catalist, the progressive movement’s go-to voter data provider. It is this partnership that enabled DSPolitical to provide voter-file targeted advertisements to hundreds of millions of online identities and devices. Today, we can reach voters on more than 90% of all available online advertising inventory in the United States. No other company has access to this much inventory, matched with Catalist’s battle tested voter data.

bringing presidential technology down ballot

In 2014, DSPolitical launched DemocraticAds.com in order to make our award-winning data and advertising technology accessible to down-ballot candidates and organizations of all sizes. Our self-service platform enables candidates at all budget levels to create, execute, and optimize digital advertising campaigns using the same technology that was only previously accessible to the largest organizations. Today, our technology includes access to robust reporting dashboards, the highest levels of inventory viewability, and direct access to data stored with NGP VAN.

expanding internationally

While DSPolitical continues to expand domestically, we’ve also helped spread the gospel of audience-targeted digital advertising abroad. We’ve now delivered targeted digital advertising in eight different countries on four different continents.

proudly progressive

DSPolitical is a proudly progressive company. Our partners and staff are progressive. Our clients are exclusively Democratic and progressive. Our Catalist voter data is maintained exclusively for progressive causes.

unmatched experience

Founded in 2011 by political technology and campaign veterans, DSPolitical’s leadership team has decades of experience working with Democratic campaigns, progressive organizations, and in the political technology space at all levels. Combine this battle-tested experience with its expansive inventory, breadth of reach, and unrivaled access to the best data, and DSPolitical’s voter-targeted media is the clear choice for Democrats and progressives seeking a significant advantage over the competition.