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January 5, 2024 / Blog Posts

Google Begins Phasing Out Third-Party Cookies

Starting January 4, Google officially began the process of phasing out third-party cookies from Chrome.

December 7, 2023 / Blog Posts

Know Your Layers: Tips for Digital Advocacy Campaigns

To get your issue across the finish line, you need to reach the right people with the right message. DSPolitical and Deploy provides you with a multi-layered approach to be able to persuade key decision makers at the same time as you are energizing their constituents and your supporters.

November 1, 2023 / Blog Posts

Celebrating Native American Heritage Month

November is Native American Heritage Month. This blog highlights some of the strives made for the community.

September 26, 2023 / Blog Posts

Introducing: DSPolitical’s 2023 Ad Grant Program Recipients!

2023 was an incredible year for our Ad Grants Program– with $50,000 being put forth to assist Democrats across the country in winning elections! Over 115 incredible candidates with unique profiles and perspectives applied. Without further ado, we’re proud to introduce 10 passionate, strategic, and inspiring candidates!

September 15, 2023 / Blog Posts

Celebrating Latino Leaders

The ten influential Latino leaders listed here have broken barriers in American politics, representing diversity and resilience. The stories of these Latino leaders and many others inspire us to work towards a more inclusive and representative democracy.

August 16, 2023 / Blog Posts

What Is Supply Path Optimization?

DSPolitical implements advanced SPO strategies to choose the most effective and efficient supply paths to help causes and down-ballot candidates reach their target audience, increase brand awareness, and secure wins.

August 9, 2023 / Blog Posts

Reporting 101: The metrics you need to know!

With so many terms, acronyms, and pieces of industry jargon to learn, running a digital campaign can be overwhelming. One of the most important parts of any advertising campaign is understanding reporting – both what the metrics mean, and how to use them to run more effective digital campaigns.

July 27, 2023 / Press Releases

DSPolitical Responds to Microsoft Political Ad Ban

July 24, 2023 / Press Releases

For the Fourth Year In a Row, DSPolitical Commits Major Resources to Help Local and State Candidates Target Voters Online

Today, DSPolitical, America’s leading voter-targeted digital advertising company for Democratic candidates and progressive causes, announced the return of its highly impactful Digital Advertising Grants Program to help local and state legislative candidates.

June 14, 2023 / Blog Posts

Are Voters Really Seeing Your Ads?

DSPolitical has successfully addressed these challenges by implementing exclusive filtering, user-initiated video ads, brand safety measures, and ad verification technology. With a progressive approach and a commitment to efficient and impactful advertising, DSPolitical ensures clients' messages are seen by targeted voters.