Applications Closed: The 2022 DSPolitical Ad Grants Program

The DSPolitical Ad Grants Program awards candidates seeking office at the state and municipal level funding between $500 – $10,000 to use for digital ad targeting on DSPolitical’s award-winning technology platforms. Legal restrictions may apply.


DSPolitical is proud to announce the third year of the annual DSP Grants Program! This initiative will award at least $100,000 to Democratic candidates seeking office at the state or municipal level who may then use the funds to leverage voter or custom data through DSPolitical’s technology platforms. The grant includes training and support to run effective ad campaigns from our expert client services team.

There are just a couple of months until election day and we are excited to put the power of programmatic digital advertising into the hands of down-ballot candidates across the country. Our hope is that the DSP Grants Program will help you win elections with better, more impactful digital ads.

To apply simply fill out the form below by 5 pm ET on Monday, August 15th.

Eligibility requirements include

  • Applicants must be a campaign or candidate
  • Must be seeking office at the Municipal or State legislative level in November 2022
  • Must be seeking office as a Democrat
  • Applicants can not be running against another Democrat
  • Other legal restrictions may apply