early voter removal

Save your campaign dollars- only target the voters who are persuadable.

DSPolitical removes voters who already voted from all our clients’ lists, automatically.

Many Americans are no longer voting in a booth on election day. The broad trend nationally over the last decade, and accelerated in the last few years, has unsurprisingly been toward more early voting. Roughly 70% of the more than 150 million votes cast in the 2020 election were cast before Election Day, which is why DSPolitical offered a suite of solutions in 2022 including the automatic removal of voters who had already cast their ballots from the lists of every one of our clients throughout the election season.

As Democrats Ourself, We Have a Stake in Your Campaign’s Success

As the number of voters choosing to vote early rises, it has become shockingly common for campaigns to waste impressions and ad dollars needlessly targeting these voters well beyond the date their ballots were filled out and sent in. After the 2020 elections, we found that focus on delivering ads exclusively to voters who had yet to vote was often a crucial piece missing in tight races.

Utilizing Absentee Vote and Early Vote (AVEV) Data

We utilize Absentee Vote and Early Vote (AVEV) data to efficiently remove any chance of our clients wasting their time and resources on voters who had already cast their ballots. This service is provided to all of our clients, regardless of size or spend, by default.

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