Full Stack Engineer II
(202) 888-7780

Gwen is our Full Stack Engineer II. Before coming to DSPolitical, she worked for 2.5 years at Constant Contact, working on their leadgen/CRM platform.

Gwen will focus on building new features and maintaining and improving ones in the DSPolitical suite of software offerings. She’ll work through the full tech stack, from the user interface clients interact within the front end to the foundation of the systems in the backend.

In their free time, Gwen loves to garden, and last year, they grew about 10% of their food with the hope to double that next year. Her current home in Colorado Springs has been one of her favorite places to be. The people are lovely, and she never tires of the mountain view. Who inspires Gwen: My biggest inspiration is my son. He always pushes me to find a better version of myself and to push harder and achieve higher.