Market-leading political digital advertising firm launches cryptocurrency, “DSPCoin”

WASHINGTON, DC – Today, DSPolitical, the nation’s leading Democratic digital advertising firm announced that it was, again, revolutionizing political digital advertising by pivoting to blockchain and preparing an initial coin offering (ICO) of its flagship cryptocurrency, DSPCoin.

The cryptocurrency, DSPCoin, will empower clients and publishers alike to leverage the power and transparency of the blockchain to safely and securely purchase advertising, or other goods, without risking exposure to hackers from Russia or other bad online actors.

“This will revolutionize the digital advertising industry,” said DSPolitical’s Chief Revenue Officer Jennifer Holdsworth. “In a few years, political campaigns will wonder why they ever purchased digital advertising or consulting services in anything other than DSPCoin, or maybe Dogecoin. We’re looking forward to this ICO streamlining our Accounts Receivable processes and saving us — and our clients — a lot of time and effort.”

With DSPCoin’s ICO expected this summer, the firm is working hard to refine its already sector-leading tech stack to process payments and working with publishers and trading desk partners to move forward with plans to revitalize the industry with this visionary new cryptocurrency.

“Honestly, when we were initially considering launching DSPCoin, I was apprehensive and thought it was still too early,” recalled DSPolitical Partner and CTO Mark Jablonowski, “But the more we researched and discussed it internally, it seemed more and more exciting and achievable. We also recognized that there was a huge potential for expansion into payroll, international financing, and investment services which would be great opportunities for the DSPolitical of tomorrow. We pride ourselves on pushing the industry forward every cycle — and there’s no better time than the present to do that again.”

Taking a page out of previous successful ICO’s marketing playbook, DSPolitical has also announced that it will be taking over as the primary sponsor of Team Penske’s number 2 Ford Mustang, driven by Brad Keselowski for the 2018 Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series beginning with the O’Reilly Auto Parts 500 on April 8.

About DSPolitical:

DSPolitical is America’s leading voter targeted digital/online ad network having delivered several billion voter targeted digital ads online and millions more on social media and mobile phones and tablets. Because of the ad targeting technology pioneered and perfected by DSPolitical, scores of candidates can now reach the exact right voters they need to win. A demonstration of its commitment to innovation, DSPolitical works tirelessly to create and unearth new techniques that provide clients with the technological advantage they need to win. The Washington Post reported that DSPolitical’s innovative technology was bringing “Obama-quality digital tools all the way down to” local elections while Techwire hailed DSPolitical as a “pioneer” in the “[targeting of] voters through digital advertising.”