WASHINGTON, DC — Today, the nation’s leading voter targeted digital ad network for Democratic campaigns and progressive causes, DSPolitical, announced that expansion of its digital ad inventory has continued at a breakneck pace since the 2012 election and that it has renewed its unrivaled partnership with progressive voter data powerhouse Catalist, allowing it to serve digital/online/mobile ads to specific voters during the 2014 mid-term elections.

“Corporate America has already learned that they must invest additional resources online if they hope to reach their target customers. Candidates and political causes that hope to be successful in 2014 had better do the same,” said a DSPolitical spokesperson. “We’re always looking for additional ways to reach target audiences with the best voter data available be it through expansive ad networks, on mobile devices and tablets, or across social networks like Facebook. We have secured access to more digital advertising inventory than any player in the voter targeted advertising space creating a significant advantage for Democrats and progressives.”

DSPolitical is the only voter targeted digital advertising network matched with Catalist voter data that reaches more than 90% of available online advertising inventory in the United States. This inventory pulls from all major digital advertising networks like Ad.com, Adap.tv, Admeld, ADMETA, AdMobius, AdScale, AOL, AppNexus, Brightroll, Cox Digital, Exchange, Facebook, Federated Media (Lijit), Improve Digital, Index by Casale Media, LiveRail, MARKETPLACE, Microsoft, MoPub, Nexage, OpenX, PubMatic, PulsePoint, Right Media, Rubicon Project, Smaato Solutions, SpotXchange, Videology, and YieldLab to name just a few. No other digital ad network has access to such inventory matched with Catalist’s battle tested and curated voter data.

Additionally, DSPolitical now offers exclusive access to increasingly popular mobile and tablet devices and Facebook’s Custom Audiences service, both also matched with Catalist voter data. As DSPolitical noted earlier this year, “whoever wins mobile in 2014 wins, period.” In 2014, DSPolitical has already served millions upon millions of voter targeted mobile ads for Democratic candidates and Progressive causes.

“During the 2012 election cycle we worked with Catalist to serve more than 300 million ads targeting specific voters for Democratic candidates and progressive causes across the country,” said DSPolitical COO Chris Massicotte. He continued, “We’re pleased to announce our partnership with Catalist will continue in 2014 and look forward to working with them to elect more Democrats and strengthen the progressive movement for years to come.”

“Our work with DSPolitical in the last cycle was a powerful partnership helping progressive organizations zero-in on audiences most important to them.  This year, DSPolitical has added another important innovation: ‘custom matching,’ which allows organizations to create custom targeting segments on the fly — allowing every single ad dollar in their budget to be applied only to communicating with their own members, or with other specific individuals of highest value to them,” said Laura Quinn, CEO of Catalist.

Unlike many in the field, DSPolitical is a proudly progressive company. Its partners and staff are progressive. Its clients are exclusively Democratic and progressive. And its Catalist voter data is maintained exclusively for progressive causes. That means DSPolitical’s clients never have to worry that their hard-earned ad dollars are going to a “progressive” ad network propped up by shadowy Republicans interests or to enhance a voter file that’s also used to elect Republicans and Tea Partiers.