DSPolitical Launches DemocraticAds.com: A Self-Serve Platform for Voter Targeted Digital Advertising

WASHINGTON, DC – Today, the nation’s leading voter targeted digital ad network, DSPolitical, announced the launch of DemocraticAds.com, a game changing new self-serve advertising platform that puts the same voter targeted digital advertising technology used by major statewide and national campaigns into the hands of local Democratic campaigns and progressive causes – serving everything from a state representative’s race to a county ballot measure to a campaign for dog catcher.

“We’re excited to be disrupting and democratizing the voter targeted digital ad space with DemocraticAds.com by putting the power of our unrivaled data and near universal reach into the hands of local Democratic campaigns and progressive causes,” said a DSPolitical spokesperson. “Innovation. It’s the driving force behind every decision we make at DSPolitical and DemocraticAds.com is a testament to that commitment.”

This new self-serve platform allows clients to launch their own voter targeted digital ad campaigns in just minutes from the comfort of the campaign headquarters, a laptop on the road, a consultant’s corner office or, well, just about anywhere. The power to easily reach targeted voters with banner ads, pre-roll video, and Facebook custom audiences, was previously unattainable to many Democratic campaigns and progressive causes — especially on the local level. Not anymore.

With a minimum purchase of only $500, DemocraticAds.com truly levels the playing field allowing candidates for local office to more easily reach voters online just like candidates for higher office with much larger budgets. What’s more, DemocraticAds.com is the first new product to launch utilizing NGP VAN’s Innovation Platform.

How It Works

Democratic candidates and progressive causes have already started using DemocraticAds.com — here’s how:

  • Log-In: Create an account or log-in to your existing account.
  • Geography: Select where your ad campaign will run.
  • Timing: Select when your ad campaign will run.
  • Type: Select the type of ads you’d like to run.
    Banners: Desktop and Mobile
    Social Media: Facebook Custom Audiences
    Pre-Roll Videos: Desktop and Mobile
  • Universe: Select the target universe of voters you’d like to reach.
  • Cost & Impressions: You’ll now see the cost and expected impressions for your ad campaign. Larger campaigns can refine their budget and work with DSPolitical to adjust impressions to fit their needs.
  • Creative: You have three options. Upload your own creative, have DSPolitical produce your creative, or use the impressive ad-builder template provided by DemocraticAds.com.
  • Make payment and launch your campaign! After submitting your ad and payment, voters will begin seeing your message within 24-hours.
  • Track Progress: After the ad campaign is launched, you can log-in and track its progress.

About DSPolitical

For nearly four years, DSPolitical has helped scores of Democrats and progressives reach the exact voters they need to win, serving hundreds of millions of digital and mobile ads in the process. It’s safe to say that no other company knows more about the digital granular targeting of voters than DSPolitical. That’s why it is often called, “the home of digital targeting.”

Unlike many in the digital ad space, DSPolitical is a proudly progressive company. Its leaders and staff are progressive. Its clients are exclusively Democratic and progressive. And the data underpinning its services is maintained solely for progressive causes.