WASHINGTON, DC – Responding to news that Twitter and Facebook have been subpoenaed by Senate Judiciary Committee Republicans because they limited the spread of a New York Post story that experts believe is likely part of a foreign disinformation campaign to hurt Joe Biden’s campaign and boost Donald Trump’s, Democratic voter targeted digital advertising firm DSPolitical released the following statement from its managing partner and chief technology officer, Mark Jablonowski:

“Republicans are using the power of Congress to bully Twitter and Facebook into allowing misinformation and propaganda to spread unfettered on their platforms. These social media giants did the right thing when they limited the spread of the New York Post story over concerns that it is part of a foreign disinformation campaign,” said Jablonowski. “This effort was a refreshing step in the right direction for two companies that have typically rejected their responsibility to combat viral misinformation. Rather than headline-grabbing limitations on the ability of political candidates to advertise, which only helps those already in power, Twitter and Facebook should focus their considerable resources on fighting the spread of demonstrably false organic content and the proliferation of white nationalism on their platforms.”

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