digital franking

Reach your constituents through digital franking.

Communicate with your constituents by leveraging the best data-driven targeting science and reach your constituents online in real time with DSPolitical’s digital franking network.

Constituent communication can now be more than a one-way conversation. Build a dynamic and ongoing relationship with your constituents to keep them informed of the work being done on their behalf in Washington.

Approved by the House Franking Commission

The House Franking Commission has approved digital franking to advertise town hall events, constituent services, military nominations, federal job openings, and Congressional art contests. Digital franking allows for the use of online search and display ads, as well as social network ads like Facebook. DSPolitical is an approved government contractor and we accept US Government Purchase Orders to make franking simple to start and maintain.

Spend Wisely, Save Money

DSPolitical’s precise online targeting ensures your franking dollars are spent only to reach your constituents within your district’s boundaries. For the price of a singlefirst-class stamp, you can reach hundreds of people in your district.

Find Your Constituents Online Every Time

DSPolitical matches more than 600 million browser cookies and device profiles across hundreds of targetable audience segments. With our online advertising network, you can target your online franking to specific groups of constituents across multiple devices, maximizing your impact and expanding your office’s reach.

Robust Daily Reporting and Optimization

Your office will know how well your online franking is performing thanks to robust daily reporting that provides you with detailed metrics and conversion rates.

Work with Our Expert Team

DSPolitical’s team of experts have decades of political, government and advocacy experience. We understand how critical it is to communicate effectively with your constituents and serve the needs of your district.

An Eco-Friendly Solution

Digital franking reduces your office’s carbon-footprint by replacing paper with pixels while speeding up delivery and increasing the diversity of your message.

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