reaching custom audiences

Helping you reach your membership, donors, and other custom audiences.

Instant Custom Audiences

DSPolitical partners with five different data onboarders allowing the match of offline data to online cookies and mobile device IDs. Any offline file of voters, supporters, or customers can be instantly pushed and matched in order to serve ads to the universe. By matching against multiple data onboarders and combining the data in our Data Management Platform, we are able to achieve unprecedented reach and scale across our client’s custom audience lists.

Membership Matching

With our powerful ability to custom match any list of persuasion targets, we provide a robust option for Labor Unions and other large groups looking to target their membership. Within a matter of days, DSPolitical can match an entire membership file, or a small subsection cut for a particular campaign. This membership match offers campaigns, unions, and other large organizations the ability to speak to their members on a new digital channel accessible across all screens.