DSPolitical collaborated with RDW Group and the Rhode Island Department of Health to educate and encourage audiences across the state to get the COVID-19 vaccine. In an environment overflowing with blatant misinformation, reaching reluctant individuals posed a significant challenge.

DSPolitical partnered with UNTU, a healthcare media and data company that employed proprietary survey data to find this audience. UNTU’s vaccine models, created in partnership with Dynata, Transunion, and Catalist, enable organizations to reach individuals who are hesitant or skeptical about vaccinations across any targeted media. RDW Group and DSPolitical leveraged these vaccine hesitancy models and voter data on race and political affiliation to reach specific subsets of Rhode Island’s audience with tailored creative addressing their communities’ concerns about the vaccines. 

DSPolitical also utilized its data licensing to surface first-party deterministically matched voter data with RDW Group through Facebook, providing an additional layer of omnichannel targeting to surround this audience with vaccine-positive messaging. RDW Group also leveraged the vaccine willingness scores to target specific demographics across Rhode Island. They paired compelling creative targeting Black, White, and Latinx audiences with middle to low vaccine willingness scores to reach hesitant communities. 

As a result of the unmatched targeting and creative, today, Rhode Island has one of the highest rates of vaccination against COVID-19, with 85% of the population having received at least two doses.