Jacky Rosen’s bid for U.S. Senate in Nevada was a toss-up targeted by Democrats and Republicans alike. Incumbent Republican Dean Heller’s flip flops on health care and his allegiance to President Donald Trump made the race even more difficult to predict.

DSPolitical worked closely with our partner agency, Rising Tide Interactive, and implemented a targeted approach to communicate with young voters, persuadable voters, and the Latinx community online through digital advertising. The campaign used DSPolitical’s advanced targeting capabilities to serve ads in Spanish and English to specific audiences. DSPolitical was also able to target voters based on their media consumption habits in order to drive maximum impact. Across the state, the campaign was able to reach specific groups of voters who were less likely to be television watchers and would therefore not see the Rosen campaign’s broadcast television ads.

This creative approach to reaching a highly focused segment of the electorate through a variety of tactics helped drive a historic midterm election turnout that propelled Jacky Rosen to victory. Her success proved that targeted outreach is an effective strategy for reaching voters who aren’t typically moved by traditional media and galvanizing the energy of the Rising American Electorate.