Award Winning Technology

Whether it’s our onboarding technology, use of multiple DSPs, or deterministically-matched data, DSPolitical’s superior tech is how we’re able to help you reach voters at scale with high-quality inventory.

DSPolitical is proven to help you reach voters at scale with high-quality inventory, and it’s all thanks to our best-in-class technology.

In a year where digital advertising inventory is exploding, many advertising technology providers are selling digital ad solutions that are outdated or unable to adapt. Our secret? Our award-winning technology-it’s what set’s us apart! Our verified match rates of up to 90% ensure our clients can run efficient and effective digital advertising.

Below are just a few examples of the tool and technology that make the DSPolitical difference.


At DSPolitical, we use five different onboarders to take offline voter data and match it online. Our match rates have been independently verified at up to 90%, which means we reach more of our audience online than any other solution on the market.

Multiple DSPs and Inventory Sources

DSPolitical runs campaigns across multiple DSPs and inventory sources so your advertising is optimized to reach voters at scale and protected against ad fraud.

Deterministically-Matched Data

We leverage deterministically matched first-party, so you know you’re reaching real voters you need to win elections.

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