In recent years, online video ads have become an increasingly popular way to reach targeted audiences.  Despite this trend, many campaigns grapple with the persistent issue of getting voters to see their ads. This predicament stems from various factors, including low visibility on web pages, running in tiny video players, and competing with other ads for attention. And when campaigns entrust ad-buying decisions to inexperienced firms or navigate the landscape alone, they become even more susceptible to these risks.

Thankfully, DSPolitical has identified and addressed these industry-wide problems. As a result, we have implemented several solutions to ensure our clients’ ad-buying dollars are protected and that their intended audiences see their ads. Here are some of our solutions:

Exclusive Filter

Our system filters out “cookies” that do not have a match to actual people who have been verified as registered voters in the Catalist voter file. This process protects clients from “bots” that artificially inflate impression rates, ensuring ads are in front of actual targeted voters.

User vs. Host Initiated 

We only buy user-initiated, non-skippable pre-roll videos. That means clients’ targeted voters only see the ads after pressing the play button or interacting with the video. DSPolitical does not buy pre-roll ads on websites that automatically play videos when a webpage is loaded.

Brand Safety 

DSPolitical works with several brand safety partners to ensure clients’ ads do not run on unacceptable websites. We actively block websites that are suspicious, pornographic, file-sharing, fraudulent, spam, phishing, or any other suspicious entities that could compromise brand integrity.

Technology with Built-In Ad Verification 

We purchase video inventory only from vendors with built-in viewability technology. DSPolitical’s ad-serving technology includes a native ad verification solution that scans every single ad served, confirming that client ads run only where targeted voters are most likely to see them.

Our technological safeguards ensure their clients are getting what they pay for. At our core, we are driven by the desire to promote the success of progressive causes and Democratic candidates. This commitment translates into utilizing client ad dollars to effectively reach and make a lasting impact on their intended targets, employing the most efficient and technologically advanced methods available.