For years TV and Direct Mail have been the king and queen of political advertising and have proven effective in getting political messages across to their target universe. With digital advertising becoming more and more cost effective, campaigns are now having to decide the best way to budget those precious campaign dollars to run an efficient voter outreach program. 

With the rise of digital there has been much talk of traditional media having competition for getting campaign funds, especially when the average adult in America spends over 6 hours a day online.  But – what if digital is not a competitor? What if it can actually be a way to enhance your mail program? 

This is what DSPolitical suggests. We use digital to recreate the richness of TV, but with the targeting of direct mail. Digital is a great way not only to prep voters before they receive their direct mail piece, but also follow up with them and make sure that piece of direct mail resonates with each voter. Direct Mail firms can also use digital to spend campaign dollars that come in at the last minute, rather than turning them away because there is not enough time to create and employ a mail campaign.

DSPolitical is not in the business of competing with our friends in Direct Mail. We work together to create the most impactful outreach campaigns to get Progressive and Democratic candidates elected into office. 

Here is how DSPolitical proposes to combine direct mail & digital:

  • Ask us for a digital budget prior to a pitch meeting or a proposal due. You can include a budget for digital along with your direct mail line item when presenting to campaigns or organizations.
  • For the most impactful combo program we recommended launching digital ads at least a week prior to the first mailer – we want to maximize the exposure of the message to the voter.
    • We can run complementary creatives at any time during a mail program (before/after/during).
    • Also, you can decide to run a completely different creative to tailor the message even more to recipients of the mailer, i.e. a different digital program to male and females, or sort by age group. 
    • DSPolitical will even custom match your mail universes, voter list, or membership list!

Let DSPolitical help make the most impact with your mailing program!