Tuesday was an incredible night for Democrats coast-to-coast, and DSPolitical is thrilled to have provided voter targeted digital advertising for campaigns in more than 100 races, powering 73 wins — many of them flipping seats from the GOP to Democratic control.

The amazing results we saw on Tuesday are proof that there’s nothing we can’t do if Democrats and progressives pull together and fight like hell for what we believe in.

And we're so very proud of all our staff, friends, partners, and clients who invested their shoe leather, sweat, and tears to make these stunning victories a reality.

We're particularly proud of our work with our friends at Media Fortitude to help Phil Murphy flip New Jersey back to the Democrats after eight years under Chris Christie's belligerent control.

Down in Virginia, we were elated to have helped Danica Roem become Virginia's first transgender member of the House of Delegates by defeating a 25-year Republican incumbent who, among other things, called his GOP colleagues "cowards" for rejecting his bathroom bill in committee.

In addition to Roem's historic win, we also helped power 9 other House of Delegates campaigns to victory, seven of whom defeated GOP incumbents helping to bring team blue to the brink of a majority — pending the results of some currently undecided races — for the first time in decades.

Speaking of historic state legislative wins, we were also honored to be a part of Manka Dhingra's team in Washington state, who handed control of the state senate back to Democrats, and gave us unified Democratic control of the entire West Coast.

And we couldn't be prouder to have been part of Mayor-elect Cathy Murillo's campaign in Santa Barbara, California, along with the team at The Strategy Group. Murillo is set to become Santa Barbara's first Latina mayor.

From coast to coast, up-and-down the ticket, Democrats and progressives showed everyone that we're going to work tirelessly to turn this country around — and away from the hate, bigotry, and divisiveness that has become all too common with Trump in the White House.

Thank you for everything you have done to make Tuesday's astonishing victories possible. And everything you will do in 2018 and beyond.

Congratulations, Democrats — you've earned it.