Last week Google announced a significant change to their third-party cookie policy that set off hundreds of panicked tweets about what this means for the future of advertising. There is no doubt that limiting this matching ability will have an impact on reaching voters. However, at DSPolitical we’re ahead of the curve and have built a platform that can overcome any obstacle Silicon Valley decides to throw in the way of political advertisers.

So what just happened, and why is it important for political advertising?

In a blog post last week, Google announced that Google Chrome, the most popular browser in use, will phase out support for third-party cookies in 2 years.

For Google: this is a massive change for their business model, effectively removing the DoubleClick cookie, the backbone of their advertising business outside of their owned and operated properties (Google Search and YouTube). Google is making a bet that, within two years, they can put in place an API driven framework that will replace this vital identifier that Google currently leverages to buy, sell, measure, and target advertising across the open web.

How is DSPolitical making sure your ads are protected?

DSPolitical is continually innovating our product which puts us ahead of the game. Our platform was built on a diversity of targeting technologies that are not reliant on 3p cookies. These include device ID targeting, IP address targeting, and location-based targeting. We were not caught off guard by Google’s announcement because DSPolitical has strong relationships with multiple entities that have built or integrated with platforms explicitly designed to solve this and other challenges.

DSPolitical prides itself on the wide range of identifiers we can target while also maintaining some of the most robust privacy measures in the political advertising space. Please feel free to contact us to find out how we can help you win by getting your ads in front of the most persuadable voters.