We did it! Thank you to all of you that spoke out on Twitter, Facebook, and shared the message that we won’t stand for Google’s censorship. We just received word that Google is in fact reversing this misaligned policy and will begin to phase back in advertisers allowing them to run COVID-19 related ads.

With this critical election, we can’t stand idly by when the policy whims of tech giants can so drastically tip the scales. Although the timeline of Google’s allowing Democratic candidates to get their ads back up and running is unclear, we’re glad to see Google made the right decision.

Because of our inventory partnerships, regardless of when Google implements this change, DSPolitical is ready to get any ads regarding COVID-19 running immediately. We’re working as hard as ever to ensure you’re able to reach the voters you need to win.


We recently received notification that Google has implemented a dangerous new policy that gives Donald Trump an unprecedented advantage in our upcoming elections. Google is permitting Donald Trump’s governmental entities to run advertising mentioning COVID-19, and bans any political campaigns from doing so. We’ve seen Donald Trump, in his official capacity, lie, spread misinformation about the virus, and attack Democrats. Google’s decision effectively amplifies his voice and censors Democrats across the country.

While we applaud Google for taking measures to prevent misinformation around COVID-19 in organic content, the health and economic after effects of this pandemic are the number one issue amongst voters that’s going to determine the outcome of elections this year. Combatting disinformation is possible without policies that inhibit Democrats’ ability to effectively engage with voters or that dramatically tip the scales of our elections to favor Trump, who commands the bully pulpit.

We’re frustrated, but the good news is the Internet is a very big place. And as you navigate this rapidly changing digital media environment nothing will stop us from continuing to do what we do best: get your message to the voters that need to hear it. We have never relied exclusively on Google’s ad inventory in order to ensure we are reaching the voters you need to win. We work with multiple demand-side platforms simultaneously in order to maximize our ability to communicate with the audiences you need to reach.

Thank you for the vital work you do. It’s needed now more than ever.