DSPolitical is proud to launch Programmatic Audio! Now more than ever, campaigns can reach their voters with high quality inventory across streaming devices and channels.

Political and issue advertisers sometimes overlook programmatic audio because inventory does not appear widely available or meaningfully targetable. For those who do include the channel on their media plans, the typical approach involves running directly with a network like iHeartMedia or Pandora. This solution brings in incredible inventory but with limited scale, scope, and targeting, which can put digital audio out of reach for many advertisers.

DSPolitical has filled this gap with a programmatic audio solution that is targetable, scalable, and accessible to advertisers up and down the ballot. With rigorously curated inventory and targeting fueled by our best-in-class political data,  advertisers can rely on this product to reach voters on the highest quality audio inventory, wherever they are listening.

Why audio? And why programmatic audio?

Voters are consuming more ad-supported audio than ever before. The average person spends 16 hours per week listening to streaming audio, making it an invaluable touchpoint in a cross-platform media program. Programmatic audio lets you reach more of your target voters by diversifying the sources of audio you can access. That is essential because of how people consume audio. Many listeners are platform loyalists: 90% of TuneIn listeners do not use iHeart, and 68% do not use Pandora, for instance. This means picking only one or two providers will hobble your reach. Programmatic audio accommodates this behavior by tapping into a vast but curated inventory set.

The number of paid music subscribers grew from 7.9 million in 2014 to over 82 million in 2021

To reach your target audience, we first match and scale your custom lists and then “waterfall” our targeting to geo-target the zip codes where we find the highest densities of your audience, ensuring we can achieve scale with any list. Like CTV, programmatic audio complements your media spend with this inventory primarily focused on non-skippable placements that reach attentive audiences on a broader scale. To learn more or get started with Programmatic Audio, get in touch below!