It is truly amazing what you can accomplish in 2018 with just a few clicks of a mouse, or taps on your mobile device.

We’ve come an incredibly long way from having precinct voter lists on index cards, or having to figure things out by hand.

Now, with the partnership between NGP VAN and, two of the most powerful voter contact tools are seamlessly connected. You can share targeting universes, contact lists across the platforms, and make sure that your voter contact programs are perfectly in sync whether you’re on the doors, on the phones, or showing them your digital ads as they surf the web — reaching even more voters than ever before, thanks to critical upgrades to, like increasing the number of onboarders to match even more of your audience lists, and integrating native ads into the toolset.

Due to a lot of hard work by the teams at both NGP VAN and, you can send your perfectly crafted voter audiences straight from NGP VAN to, and start advertising online to these specific voters for as little as $500.

It’s a partnership that will not only save you a lot of time and effort, but will make sure that your voter-contact programs are tightly coordinated, without any extra work.

Click here to log in to your NGP VAN account, and see just how easy it is to send your lists to with just a few clicks.

All you need to do is create your contact universe in NGP VAN, then click the “Advertising” button like you see in the image below. Just give your audience a name to use on the Click “Send”, and your universe will be seamlessly sent over to, where you can upload your creative, set your budget, and begin engaging your audience online.

With just weeks before Election Day 2018, there’s not much time left to make sure that the blue wave materializes at the ballot box in November. This election is just too important to leave gaps in your voter contact plan, and with NGP VAN and you won’t have to.

Just click here to log in to your NGP VAN account, and ship your targeted voters over to today.

Let’s get this done!