Waverly Loza is our new Vice President of Client Services here at DSPolitical, where she oversees the client services team and ensures clients receive the best programmatic buying experience. We sat down (virtually) with Waverly for a quick Q&A about herself, her role here at DSPolitical, and what you can expect from Client Services going forward.

Q: Tell us a little bit about yourself and what made you want to work at DSPolitical

A: Well, I am the daughter of an immigrant. My father is actually from Ecuador and met my mother there when she was serving in the Peace Corps. They ended up immigrating to the United States, so I grew up with very close ties to the Latinx community and saw first hand the daily struggles immigrants and marginalized groups face. This ignited my desire to become active in politics and pursue a degree in political science. 

After college, I ended up falling into digital advertising by accident and loved it, but in 2018 I discovered the world of digital political advertising and really found the intersect of my passion and work. Joining the team at DSPolitical was a natural fit. I admire the cutting edge technology and the overall mission of electing Democrats up and down the ballot!

Q: What is your vision for the Client Services Team especially as we draw closer to the November election?

A: I really want to elevate my team to become educators to teach our clients about the true power of digital, and become invaluable partners when it comes to strategy and execution. The situation with Covid has obviously required our clients to pivot, especially as the November election draws near, but it’s given us the opportunity to really step up as a client services team and offer much-needed solutions to these difficult problems. 

Q: Given our current situation with COVID-19, how has the Client Services team had to adapt, and any tips on effectively managing a team remotely?

A: I think it really comes down to over-communicating during this time. It’s all about setting expectations and doing the little things like recapping meetings to ensure we’re all on the same page. More importantly, I check in with my team regularly both on a personal and professional level and continually ask them to prioritize their mental health! Especially during this time, it’s vital for all of us to check in both with ourselves and with our teams!

Q: What’s a project or initiative you’re most excited about working on here at DSP?

A: It’s no secret that in our industry there is not a lot of diversity. There’s not enough people of color or women that work in politics, let alone political advertising. So I am working with the Diversity and Inclusion Taskforce here at DSPolitical to put into place a mentorship program. I’m very excited to start mentoring the women on my team, but also to create an initiative that will help women to learn how to advance their own careers going forward. 

Q: And lastly, just for fun who would you invite to your dream dinner party?

A: I know this is a little off the beaten path, but my first pick would have to be Oscar Wilde. I just think he would be the most fun, witty, and hilarious to have at a dinner party, I think he was way ahead of his time. Besides him, I’d also love to have Cecilia Muñoz at my dinner table. I admire her work on immigration reform and would love to pick her brain about being a Latina leader.