Your election has likely already started. With the multiple voting methods available to Americans across the country, many are voting by mail or voting early weeks before the election. It’s vital that Democrats up and down the ballot have a digital strategy that optimizes advertising budgets to reach the right audience of voters to win elections.

That’s why for all DSPolitical clients we automatically exclude people who have already cast their ballot and offer additional segments for more refined targeting of people who have requested a ballot but have not yet voted.

These segments are updated regularly through election day. This means when your campaign is running targeted digital ads, you can be sure your impressions are going exclusively to the voters who have yet to cast a ballot and need to hear your message.

The weeks before election day present Democrats with an important opportunity to reach their voters. DSPolitical offers the best access to voter data, match rates from multiple onboarders, and reach to run digital advertising at scale. To learn more about our services click here!