The only thing that’s certain in politics is Election Day.

Every moment before the polls close is a precious one for your campaign, and one more opportunity to secure another vote. So why squander the last precious few moments while potential voters are waiting in line at the polling locations before and while they fill out your ballot? After all, it’s one of the few days in the cycle when you know exactly where your voters will be.

Thanks to DSPolitical, you don’t have to waste these precious last moments. You can finally have The Last Word.

How it works

DSPolitical’s innovative election strategists and technologists have created the perfect way for you to ensure that your potential voters hear your name, and message, at the last possible moment before they pull the lever on Election Day. By drawing invisible boundaries, or geofences, around the polling places that matter most for your electoral strategy, our best-in-class programmatic traders can deliver your digital display and video ads to voters’ mobile devices in the most important locations on Election Day—the polls themselves.

As they scroll through content on their phones while waiting to vote, they’ll see your message and you’ll help them remember just who to vote for to best protect their futures.

While Election Day is approaching fast, there’s still time to make sure your campaign doesn’t miss out on this exceptional opportunity to get in front of your voters at the last possible moment. If you’re ready to take full advantage of this innovative and impactful digital advertising strategy, we’re able to get you up and running as long as you can get us the list of targeted locations by Friday.

Contact us today, and make sure that — on November 6, 2018 — your campaign can truly have The Last Word.

Now, let’s go win this thing.