Deploy by DSPolitical

The political-first platform for pros.

Deploy by DSPolitical is the political-first programmatic platform built for Democratic candidates.

Named Campaign and Elections “Most Innovative Product of the Year,” Deploy provides best-in-class data, onboarding, and reach so campaigns and causes can reach the exact voters they need to win elections.

Whether you’re running digital for one candidate or managing multiple clients and campaigns, Deploy has the tools to reach voters at scale on display, native, video, and Connected TV. To find your target audience wherever they are online, Deploy has pre-built voter segments that are up and running in an instant or the ability to use custom lists with match rates of up to 90 percent.


With an easy-to-use interface, campaigns can create complex, granular audiences and reach them across multiple mediums.


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Created from the ground up with political agencies and consultants in mind. Empowers firms to maintain state and federal compliance and political firewalls.

Well Equipped

Comes with best in class voter data and targetable political geographies straight out of the box. You can also use your own custom lists.

Intuitive and Powerful
Quick to learn, easy to use, and advanced enough to handle extremely complex campaigns and targeting needs for multiple clients.
Expansive Reach

Goes beyond Facebook and other social media to reach voters using the vast, quality programmatic inventory available across the rest of the internet.


Provides access to advanced media buying and targeting without the hassle of onboarding or the difficulty of building relationships with DSPs.

Proudly Progressive
DSPolitical was started by progressive political operatives and technologists to help Democrats succeed. We do not work with Republicans

New Feature: Updated Audience Builder

Deploy’s Audience Builder is a game-changing feature that gives campaigns and consultants the power to create hyper-targeted audiences and to find the exact voters they need to win elections.
Users can access pre-built voter universes and filter by demographic data, partisanship, news consumption, turnout score, and more. These features allow you to identify your target audience of voters, maximize digital budgets, create more tailored creative, and win elections.


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