Deploy by DSPolitical is the political-first programmatic platform built for Democratic candidates.

Named Campaign and Elections “Most Innovative Product of the Year,” Deploy provides best-in-class data, onboarding, and reach so campaigns and causes can reach the exact voters they need to win elections.

Whether you’re running digital advertising for one candidate or managing multiple clients and campaigns, Deploy has the tools to reach voters at scale on display, native, video, and Connected TV. We find your exact target audience wherever they are online with customizable, pre-built voter segments or with your own voter lists matched with our multiple onboarders. Deploy gives campaigns the power to run sophisticated programmatic advertising all in one easy-to-use interface.

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With our voter data partnerships, you can leverage targetable voter file segments right out of the box, or use your own custom lists from any source.



DSPolitical’s multiple onboarders mean we can take offline voter data and match it online with independently verified match rates of up to 90 percent.



Surround your target audience with digital ads on multiple mediums, including Connected TV. Deploy is the most effective self-serve tool on the market with one of the largest pools of voter-targeted inventory.

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New Product Updates

The Deploy Media Planner
Enhance your campaign strategy with intelligent suggestions for optimizing your media planning, ensuring campaigns are strategic and effective in only minutes. The Deploy Media Planner analyzes your campaign’s budget, flight, audience, tactics, and campaign goal – generating recommendations for achieving optimal reach and efficient spend. Designed to enhance your campaign strategy, the Media Planner harnesses real intelligence and over a decade of Randomized Control Trial (RCT) data to streamline the media planning process. Gone are the days of manual calculations and guesswork – with this tool, you get feedback on your media plans instantly. Leverage the Media Planner’s advanced analytics to make informed decisions, resulting in enhanced returns and campaign success.
Audience Insights
With the click of a button, you can learn more about your custom audiences’ political and demographic makeup using Audience Insights. Upload any custom list on Deploy and we can match your list with the national voter file to fill in missing personal identifiable information. Gain access to data on match rates, political insights, demographic insights, and geography– improving your online match rates and helping you reach more of your audience online!
Audience Builder
This game-changing feature gives campaigns and consultants the power to create hyper-targeted audiences and find the exact voters they need to win elections. With a baseline of 16 Catalist pre-sets, additional data points can be layered to create granular audiences, including registration, vote propensity, age, race, gender, digital consumption, and more.
Connected TV for Deploy
Connected TV is one of the fastest-growing platforms with a 58% year-over-year increase in impressions in 2020. We saw political campaigns leverage this growing medium in conjunction with programmatic advertising to surround their target voters and reach them on multiple mediums. Deploy provides the largest pool of voter-targeted CTV in the market so you can easily add it to your digital plan
Custom Audience Uploader
Custom Audience Uploader gives you more control over uploading your own voter lists and matching the data in your file against DSPolitical’s identifiers. Information is then automatically formatted, securely transferred for matching, and distributed to your account on Deploy as audience segments for targeting.