DSPolitical offers an “opt-out cookie” to block the placement of DSPolitical behavioral advertising cookies on your system. When we detect our opt-out cookie on your browser, we do not serve you with interest-based advertising on the browser or device from which you have opted-out, or on the browsers or devices that we believe are linked to your opted-out browser or device.

    • If you clear your cookies this setting will be forgotten because it is browser-specific.
    • You will need to repeat this process on each browser because cookies, including this opt-out cookie, are browser-specific.
    • If you are experiencing technical difficulties in accessing data, deleting data, or opting out, please try another browser and let us know.
    • DSPolitical and our partners adhere to industry self-regulatory privacy standards such as the NAI & DAA Principles. You can find the NAI opt-out tool here, which allows you to opt out of Interest Based Advertising across multiple advertising platforms.

Additionally, browser settings that block all cookies may prevent the opt-out from operating correctly and certain privacy software may delete the opt-out cookie or cause it to function incorrectly. Furthermore, the opt-out cookie is not effective on devices that do not accept or otherwise support cookies, such as iOS based mobile devices, internet-connected televisions, and other non-cookie-based connected devices and applications.