Reaching voters is getting more difficult every year. With more and more Americans cutting the TV cord, listening to less radio, and continually on the move, we need to stay ahead of the rapid evolution in technology and consumer behavior to make sure that our clients’ messages get to the right voter at the right time.

That’s why, today, we’re pleased to announce that DSPolitical has acquired Birding Interactive Resource Development, of Jersey City, NJ, the second-largest breeder and trainer of carrier pigeons in the continental U.S.

With the launch of DSPigeon, we’ll provide our clients with accurate, timely delivery of targeted advertising directly to individual voters, at their home or office, or even as they walk down the street.

“Today, we’re proud to welcome the staff, both human and avian, of BIRD into the DSPolitical family,” said a DSPolitical spokesperson. “While other advertising firms are experimenting with automated drones, we’re committed to the accuracy, reliability, and environmental sustainability that only a carrier pigeon-based advertising delivery system can provide.”

DSPigeon will provide service to East Coast clients starting April 15, 2017, with planned expansion to DSPolitical’s West Coast and Midwest clients this fall.