WASHINGTON, DC – Today, America’s leader in voter-targeted digital advertising for Democratic candidates and progressive causes announced the three major Democratic voter file providers (Catalist, TargetSmart, and PDI) are now directly integrated with its products via DSPolitical’s Inbound Audience API. Clients of these voter file providers can now securely surface custom audiences to DSPolitical’s advertising platforms with the click of a button.

Data from all three voter file providers will be available for use in the company’s award-winning self-serve programmatic advertising platform, Deploy by DSPolitical, and with its managed service offerings. This is in addition to DSPolitical’s longstanding integration with NGP VAN on DemocraticAds.com, DSPolitical’s advertising solution for down-ballot candidates. Because of these new integrations, custom audiences from Catalist, TargetSmart, and PDI are onboarded and ready to use for targeted digital advertising in less than 24 hours on average, with match rates validated at over 90%.

“These powerful new voter file integrations with Catalist, TargetSmart, and PDI bolster DSPolitical’s standing as the go-to platform for Democratic digital advertising,” said Mark Jablonowski, DSPolitical’s managing partner and chief technology officer. “With just eight weeks until election day, our clients now have more tools at their disposal to run the most effective digital advertising campaigns in Democratic politics.”

For political advertisers without direct access to voter file data, the company has maintained ready-to-use audience segments from Catalist since 2011 and provided the option for users to upload their own custom lists securely. These innovative solutions combine the flexibility of using data from any voter file with DSPolitical’s buying power across multiple digital channels, including programmatic video, display, audio, connected TV, and more.

DSPolitical, an Optimal company, pioneers the best integration of data and technology to persuade audiences and deliver wins for progressive candidates, causes, and issues with the most efficient and effective digital advertising campaigns in politics.

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