WASHINGTON, DC – Today, DSPolitical, America’s leader in voter-targeted digital advertising for Democratic candidates and progressive causes, announced the launch of custom Pro-Choice Audiences for persuasion built in partnership with Catalist. The move gives candidates the ability to target voters who can be persuaded to vote for Democrats based on their support for abortion access and reproductive freedom.

“Pro-Choice messaging is arguably the most important tool Democrats have in the midterm elections. That’s why we’re offering these custom Pro-Choice Audiences,” said Waverly Loza, DSPolitical’s Vice President of Client Services. “These models are validated with over 1.6 million results, reliably indicating a voter’s support for choice. Democratic candidates now have the tools they need to reach supporters of abortion access, mobilize persuadable voters, and exclude voters who are not persuadable.”

Messaging and mobilizing voters around abortion access depends on having high-quality data that speaks to voters’ persuadability around and support for abortion rights. DSPolitical’s models leverage its partnership with Catalist to give Democratic campaigns the tools to run more effective digital advertising by focusing ad budgets on the most important groups of voters.

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