Firm Honored with Best International Online Ad Campaign and Best European Online Ad Campaign

Charleston, SC – Last night in Charleston, DSPolitical – the nation’s leading voter targeted digital ad network – won Best International Online Ad Campaign and Best European Online Ad Campaign honors at the 2016 Reed Awards.

DSPolitical launched DSPolitical International in 2015, bringing the ad targeting technology it pioneered to power several billion voter-targeted digital ads and millions more on social media, mobile phones, and tablets, to electoral campaigns in countries around the world.

“We’re humbled by the recognition that DSPolitical International’s efforts received for bringing the same powerful voter-targeted digital advertising technology we used to elect scores of Democrats and progressives in the United States to campaigns in other countries,” said a DSPolitical spokesperson. “It can be challenging to deploy such targeting technology in other countries because of local laws, political customs, and issues unique to that specific electoral landscape. Ultimately, overcoming these challenges abroad has not only enabled us to expand our efforts dramatically, it has made our work here at home even more innovative.”

“Campaigns everywhere are looking to communicate with registered voters in their individual constituencies, districts, ridings and other electorates,” said Matthew A. McMillan, who heads up DSPolitical’s international work. “Our revolutionary technology is the only product on the market that allows campaigns to speak only to the voters that need to hear their message. We are honored to have this work recognized and stand ready to put these tools into the hands of additional national parties and individual constituency campaigns around the world.”

The Reed Awards are named after Campaigns & Elections magazine founder Stanley Foster Reed and recognize excellence in political campaigning, management, consulting, and design. Awardees represent the best in the industry from across more than one hundred consulting categories including television, radio, direct mail, phones, field, political technology, and online advertising.

About The Winning Work

During the 2015 general elections in the United Kingdom, DSPolitical International introduced cutting edge digital targeting technology never before available in the UK market. The firm gained access to the largest cookie pool in the United Kingdom – more than 35 million cookies – and worked with the client to identify specific GOTV and persuasion targets across targeted constituencies. It was the first time that cookie-based targeting was used in the United Kingdom. DSPolitical International created dozens of segments for the client and delivered specific pre-roll creative to specific audiences. The firm tested dozens of client-created ad creatives and gave real time strategic insights to the client about which of their ads were generating the most engagement. More than 2 million impressions and 1.2 million video views were delivered with a video completion rate of 60 percent – much higher than comparable U.S. campaigns. These ads were all shown specifically to known voters in key constituencies the client needed to win.

About DSPolitical

DSPolitical is America’s leading voter targeted digital/online ad network having delivered several billion voter targeted digital ads online and millions more on social media and mobile phones and tablets. Because of the ad targeting technology pioneered and perfected by DSPolitical, scores of candidates can now reach the exact right voters they need to win. A demonstration of its commitment to innovation, DSPolitical works tirelessly to create and unearth new techniques that provide clients with the technological advantage they need to win. The Washington Post reported that DSPolitical’s innovative technology was bringing “Obama-quality digital tools all the way down to” local elections while Techwire hailed DSPolitical as a “pioneer” in the “[targeting of] voters through digital advertising.”