Last Friday, the women of DSPolitical had the opportunity to attend the Women’s Leadership Forum 22nd Annual National Issues Conference. From current political leaders in the Democratic Party to women leading positive change in their own realm of influence, the Democratic Women’s Alliance opened up a female driven discussion of the issues facing the Democratic Party in 2016. Hear what the women of DSPolitical thought of their experience:

Melissa Cressey
Vice President of Business Development

Like Hillary Clinton said “When Women Win, America Wins.” WLF is proof that women can win, that women can lead and that women are just as important as men. I personally find it very rewarding to attend the WLF conference every year, watching these women whom have all broken glass ceilings is nothing more than inspiring. It encourages me to work even harder to help elect women and also men who support women.

Hearing Governor O’Malley, Senator Sanders and President Obama talk about how important the presence of women is, not only politics but in business in general, gives me the confidence that younger women will turn out to vote and start taking action to further the progressive agenda.

Favorite Moment: Being able to bring the younger female staffers on Team DSPolitical to WLF and see them become inspired by the female leaders on the various panels!

Brooke Cullison
Business Development and Marketing Manager

This was my second year attending the conference on behalf of DSPolitical and each time has been extremely rewarding. Being in a space where members of our party not only speak directly to women on all national issues, but also have all women panels (which does not happen often) creates a different discourse that I believe is extremely important to the Democratic Party.

This year I enjoyed seeing all the Democratic candidates speak, especially Senator Bernie Sanders, who made a point to emphasize his platform of helping Millennials afford college and avoid crippling debt. This went hand in hand with the panel on the Rising American Electorate, where Democratic Women discussed how important it is to not only encourage this group of voters to turnout in 2016, but also work to make policies that will benefit them.

Favorite Moment: Shaking hands with PRESIDENT OBAMA.

Samantha Levison
Account Manager

This was my first year attending the conference with DSP, and it meant a lot to be able to go this year. It is definitely an exciting time to be involved not only in politics, but also in the current issues of the day, and it was so refreshing to hear so many unique and influential women address those issues. I was proud to be a part of a group discussing everything from equal pay, to Black Lives Matter, to even fashion, in such an insightful way.

Getting to see all of the Democratic presidential candidates speak was of course very exciting, but I think the highlight for me was getting to see Former State Senator Nina Turner address the crowd, and then being able to speak with her after. She is such an eloquent and inspiring speaker, and you could tell that the entire group really enjoyed listening to her.

Favorite quote of the day: “Conventional wisdom is conventional wisdom….until it isn’t.”

Zeni Saife-Selassie
Advertising Operations Fellow

The conference was amazing! It was a privilege listening to the courageous women speak about their life experiences & how it shaped their careers and advocacy work. Every speaker and panelist had a unique perspective, each describing issues that need reform. These women are leaders, innovators, and passionate about changing America. Every woman that spoke was an inspiration, paving a way for young female professionals, like myself, and girls alike.

These women are living proof that America is changing and that women are the drivers of positive change. The WLF celebrated women and reaffirmed why women democrats are vital to the success of women everywhere.

Favorite Speaker: Hillary Clinton.

Bethany Riley
Ad Operations Fellow

I was lucky enough to attend the WLF for the very first time this year with my fellow female co-workers from DSPolitical. I am extremely grateful to have heard so many inspirational women speak about key issues we are facing today and how to overcome them.

Having the opportunity to hear Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Nancy Pelosi and President Obama speak was certainly an unforgettable experience. However, I learned just as much from the women that spoke on the panels. These leaders shared their experiences and struggles on a very personal level and their advice and encouragement is something I will value as I continue on in my career.

Favorite Moment: Shaking Obama’s hand!