WASHINGTON, DC – Today, responding to mounting criticism for the ongoing Facebook and Google political ad ban following the November election, DSPolitical, the nation’s leading voter targeted digital advertising firm for Democrats, released a statement calling on companies to lift the ad bans in places with active runoff elections underway like the two U.S. Senate races in Georgia that will decide the Senate majority:

“Facebook and Google have put their thumb on the scale against two Democratic U.S. Senate candidates in Georgia runoff elections where African American voters could end up deciding the fate of the U.S. Senate majority. This stifling of free speech amounts to little more than voter suppression. We call on these companies to quit hindering the ability of Democrats to reach voters in these critical runoff races,” said Mark Jablonowski, managing partner, and chief technology officer at DSPolitical. “Rather than pursuing a headline-grabbing but ill-conceived strategy of blanket ad bans from political campaigns, these companies should focus their considerable resources on fighting the spread of demonstrably false organic content and the proliferation of white nationalism on their platforms.”

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