NGP VAN and DSPolitical Join Forces Bringing Self-Serve Voter Targeted Digital Advertising to Nearly Every Democratic Campaign in America

WASHINGTON, DC – Today, NGP VAN and DSPolitical announced a new partnership that will make the award winning, self-serve voter targeted digital advertising platform available on the VAN – the primary voter engagement tool for nearly every Democratic campaign in America.

DSPolitical brought voter targeted digital advertising to Democratic campaigns for the first time almost exactly 5 years ago. Even though most of our clients were national and statewide campaigns back then, we dreamt of one day making our technology as ubiquitous and accessible as every other campaign tactic for reaching voters. Well, with this integration, that dream is now a reality,” said a DSPolitical spokesperson.

“When we launched our Innovation Platform, this is precisely the type of partnership we envisioned. Bringing to the VAN is an important example of how we’re continuing to make it easier for Democratic campaigns of all sizes to run sophisticated, multi-channel voter contact efforts. At the end of the day, will give VAN users powerful, new and innovative ways to persuade voters and turn them out to vote on Election Day,” said NGP VAN CEO Stuart Trevelyan.

This partnership is a real game changer. With now available in the VAN, the ability to launch voter file targeted digital ad campaigns that reach the exact right voters will be at the fingertips of virtually every Democratic campaign in the country,” said DSPolitical partner and chief technology officer Mark Jablonowski.

VAN users can now deploy to reach their targeted voters (or any list they create in VAN) online and on mobile devices with banner ads, pre-roll video, and social media ads. Once they login to VAN and create a list, users simply click the advertising button, name the audience, click “send,” and then “Go to” From there, users login or create a account before selecting the audience they’ve imported to target and launching their ad campaign. It couldn’t be easier.

So, just how can a campaign take advantage of this new partnership? Here are a couple of examples:

  • Congressional Campaign Targets Swing Demographic Based on New Polling: A campaign for congress learns just two weeks before Election Day from its pollster that it must win the support of women between 30-60 years of age to be victorious but it doesn’t have enough money for another piece of direct mail or a new television ad. Now the campaign can log into its VAN account, export that universe of voters to, and launch an inexpensive Facebook and banner ad campaign to reach this important demographic before Election Day.
  • State Legislative Campaign Turning Identified Supporters Out to Vote: A campaign for state representative spends the summer and fall knocking on doors and calling voters throughout the district to determine which voters support their candidate. Now the campaign can log into its VAN account and export to the universe of voters contacted by canvassers that indicated their support for their candidate. The campaign can then launch an aggressive GOTV pre-roll video ad campaign targeting these supporters to make sure they turn out and vote.

About DSPolitical’s puts the same voter file matched digital ad targeting technology pioneered and perfected by DSPolitical and used by scores of statewide and national campaigns and causes, into the hands of local and down ballot Democratic candidates. This game changing self-serve platform allows users to create their own voter targeted digital ad campaigns in just minutes. Launched in the final months of the 2014 election, the Washington Post said gives local campaigns the “online ad sophistication to match Obama’s.” In 2015, received the Reed Award for “Best Use of New Technology.”

DSPolitical is America’s leading voter targeted digital ad network for Democrats and progressives having delivered billions of voter targeted digital ads online and on mobile devices. The company’s expansive inventory, breadth of reach, and unrivaled access to the best data have made it the clear choice of Democrats and progressives seeking a critical advantage over the competition.

About NGP VAN’s Innovation Platform

NGP VAN’s “Innovation Platform” is a web of data and technology providers that have announced API integrations with the VAN, nearly every Democratic campaign’s primary tool for voter engagement. It allows for an unprecedented level of partnership among Democratic and left-leaning technology and marketing firms that will revolutionize the way campaigns engage voters. These integrations will allow campaigns to segment more accurately by using data from multiple channels, using powerful VAN segmentation tools. Campaigns will also be able to make their data and segments actionable more easily, through the integrations between other platforms, like DSPolitical’s, and VAN.

NGP VAN is the leading technology provider to Democratic and progressive campaigns and organizations, offering clients an integrated platform of the best fundraising, compliance, field, organizing, digital, and social networking products.