DSPolitical’s targeting successes don’t stop at the water’s edge! Launched just last year, DSPolitical‘s international division has delivered hundreds of millions of targeted impressions in major elections in Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom, Mexico, Brazil, and Turkey. Here are some updates from around the globe:

DSPolitical Wins Big in Australia!

In the recently concluded general elections in Australia, DSPolitical ran targeted voter campaigns for a major national political party along with advocacy groups seeking to educate voters about their particular issues. In the marginal constituencies in which we ran our highly targeted advertising, our candidates won by a 2:1 margin.

We’re taking the lessons we learned in Australia back to our clients—especially how video completion rates vary from constituency to constituency. Our hope is to help further hone and test messaging that works for particular communities.

DSPolitical Delivers in Mexico

In June, Mexicans went to the polls across the country to vote in crucial gubernatorial elections, and DSPolitical went to work launching banner and pre-roll messages with hyper-accurate geographic targeting. We also partnered with our friends at the Mellman Group in one of the largest and most important elections in the country to pioneer a polling-driven digital targeting solution that is revolutionizing politics south of the border.

DSPolitical Helps Make History in London

When Sadiq Khan was sworn in as mayor of London he made history as the first Muslim ever elected to govern a major Western capital. Building off of our work in the UK general elections and party elections, we were proud to play a small role supporting Sadiq’s historic election in London.