DSPolitical was proud to partner with Fenton and the New Georgia Project to mobilize voters in advance of the Georgia Senate runoff elections. 

To regain control of the Senate, we were tasked with reaching historically ignored Black Georgians who were hesitant to turnout due to the aftermath of the general election in November. With this high-stakes election, Fenton and DSPolitical partnered with the  New Georgia Project, which had built trust with millions of Georgians across the state over the past decade.

Traditional voter file targeting often has gaps in reaching Black voters. To counteract this, we married DSPolitical’s responsive ad targeting technology with the New Georgia Project’s voter-tested messaging and Fenton’s video razor-sharp creative, and earned media outreach to bring the Georgia Black Belt out to vote and flip the Senate. 

With only three weeks to reach voters, DSPolitical implemented the digital advertising component of Fenton’s robust media plan, which featured tailored creative leveraged from existing partnerships with Desus and Mero and new authentic creative from local validators. All video and display ads were mobile + audio-friendly. 

With DSPolitical’s verified, first-party voter data partnerships, we employed digital consumption modeling to serve this creative to voters with a high likelihood of engaging with content online and who were most receptive to messaging from digital advertising. DSPolitical ensured NGP could reach their custom audiences and provide the right people with the right calls to action, from voter registration to early voting and in-person voting.

We supplemented this targeting with New Georgia Project’s canvassing lists, helping drive our core audience of Black Georgians, who turned out at 41.9% – an incredible turnout rate for a runoff election in the middle of a pandemic after sweeping voter disenfranchisement in the state over the general election. 

This victory secured Democratic control of the Senate for the first time since 2014!