DSPolitical worked with A—B to support Amnesty International USA’s Heroes campaign. This campaign was a national advocacy effort to call on Congress and the Biden Administration to authorize $5 billion in federal funds for community violence intervention programs.

For the digital component of their campaign, Amnesty sought to reach young people of color to diversify their list of supporters in targeted geographies in major cities like Chicago, Atlanta, Baltimore, and Dallas. A—B worked with them to develop compelling creative featuring local heroes who work to address issues of gun violence and who are known within their local communities. 

DSPolitical collaborated with A—B to implement a media buying strategy that spanned across programmatic video, social, Youtube, and direct buys. Click-through rates for lead generation campaigns normally hover around .09%. By continuously optimizing creative, target geographies, and audience parameters, we saw CTRs for our programmatic campaigns as high as 12% and cost per lead as low as $2.50! For context, the average cost per lead for nonprofits can range from $14-$43

Our goal was to generate the lowest cost per lead possible with Amnesty’s compelling creative. We refreshed lists of target audiences using our voter data partnerships, tested creative and weighed it more heavily towards the pieces that garnered the most engagement, and expanded targeting requirements when we saw dips in engagement.

To supplement the lead generations component of the campaign, DSPolitical also geofenced state capitals and targeted influential policymakers with our Blackbook offering using a tailored video that called for funding to support community heroes.

DSPolitical also placed Direct Buys on sites like The Root and Afro to create a truly omnichannel campaign that worked in conjunction with Amnesty’s earned media and field efforts. 

Throughout this campaign, DSPolitical constantly adapted our media buying strategy as deadlines for the budget reconciliation bill and our progress towards obtaining funding shifted. That meant adapting to new creative on the fly, changing target geographies, and building upon our partners’ strategy to reach the optimal audience at the best cost per lead!

We’re so proud to work with incredible groups like Amnesty International USA to push for billions of new dollars in federal spending for on the ground gun violence prevention experts.