Brand Safety is crucial to maintaining the integrity of your campaign, organization, or candidate. No one wants to be associated with messaging that conflicts with their purpose and goals. Unfortunately, each year nearly $1 billion of programmatic advertising is spent on unsafe, brand-compromising content.

At DSPolitical we take several precautionary steps to ensure the brand safety of our clients is never jeopardized and that extends to ad fraud. Ad fraud is one of the greatest concerns facing digital advertisers today and can range from any deliberate activity that prevents the proper delivery of ads to your intended audience. Most commonly taking the form of bots, or domain spoofing, ad fraud thrives by siphoning off money from advertising transactions.

Industry-wide more than 17% of ad traffic is attributed to fraud. But here at DSPolitical, we regularly undergo auditing with third-party partners to ensure that we’re not exposing our client’s ad budgets to fraud, and have measured fraud rates as low as single digits! Anything that slips through filters in between audits is proactively blocked.

Some of the measures we take to ensure your programmatic ads are placed in brand safe inventory and safe against fraud include:

  • Deterministic matching to real people on the voter file or other first-party data set.
  • Pre-bid fraud prevention using 3rd party partnerships.
  • A blocklist containing tens of thousands of domains and apps, which is updated on a weekly basis.
  • A Supply Path Optimization (SPO) strategy dedicated to building partnerships with trusted SSPs and publishers, cutting out middlemen and “black box” ad sellers.
  • We also use block sites categorized by Integral Ad Science as High Risk for inappropriate content for political and advocacy advertisers. This would include adult sites, alcohol content, drug content, hate speech, and violent content.
  • We apply WhiteOps human verification technology services to ensure that each impression is vetted pre-bid to prevent bidding on fraudulent impressions. 

Brand safety is essential when running political campaigns. At DSPolitical we know this and it’s our goal to make sure your campaign brand is safe while serving your message to voters. For more information on how DSPolitical can help your campaign’s brand safety, send a message our way.