For the most effective programmatic ad targeting, it helps to know not only who makes up your audience, but where they are. With geofencing, DSPolitical puts the power of advanced geolocation behind your political and public affairs campaigns.

We are more connected to our mobile devices than ever before, browsing online, thumbing through social media, even watching TV wherever we go. Over 50% of all website traffic comes from mobile devices and this trend is only set to increase with some analytics predicting a 25% increase in mobile traffic by 2025!

Through geolocation, DSPolitical can pinpoint real-world locations across the U.S. to reach audiences on their mobile devices. Whether you’re looking to reach lawmakers considering an important bill, or trying to mobilize voters who’ve visited certain places, geofencing can connect you to people where they most often are: on their phones.

One of the most effective uses of geofences for political advertising is to look at historical geofences to build an audience. By looking back through location data, we can find an approximate number of devices that visited your target locations within a certain time period and create a custom audience for your ads. 

These historical geofences can find government staff working in official buildings, visitors to national parks and monuments, and students on college campuses to craft your exact audience of target voters.

Recently, DSPolitical worked with Fenton to run GOTV programs across Los Angeles County. We geofenced vote centers so potential voters within walking distance of a polling location would see an advertisement on their phone encouraging them to vote!

And with our premium Blackbook by Castable targeting solution, we have geolocation services that find political influencers everywhere from the White House and Capitol building to Cabinets and government entities for the environment, healthcare, and defense.

At DSPolitical, we connect your message to the right voters, wherever they are online. 

Geofencing is an incredibly effective tool to reach audiences in the digital space, giving your campaigns and candidates the competitive edge in advancing your message and winning elections.

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