Better data means better match rates. DSPolitical’s new data augmentation feature is now available in beta for all clients. This means with the click of a button, users can upload custom lists and leverage our expansive array of voter data to fill in missing information like email addresses, phone numbers, zip codes, and more.  Having additional data in your custom files means better match rates with our onboarding technology, allowing more of your target audience to see your message!

In fact, in our tests, we’ve found data sets averaging up to 50% more data after augmentation!

After augmentation, all data is sent via a highly secure, authenticated connection between DSPolitical’s platforms and our data and onboarding partners, and no personal information touches human hands after you upload your list!

At DSPolitical, we’re committed to helping you reach your target audience wherever they are online. This new feature means campaigns and organizations can work with data from any source without worrying and ensure the highest possible match rates before onboarding!

Have any questions on how match rates work or are ready to start running better digital ads? Hit the button below and we’ll be in touch!