Elections are right around the corner. This campaign season, let the digital ads platform trusted by thousands of Democratic candidates and progressive causes perform the heavy lifting, so you can deliver ads at their fullest potential.

DemocraticAds.com, the award-winning, self-serve platform by DSPolitical, is battle-tested to win elections for Democrats like you. Since 2014, hundreds of Democratic candidates and progressive organizations have relied on DemocraticAds.com as the original self-serve digital ad platform to reach voters and win elections.

We created DemocraticAds.com to help down-ballot political campaigns leverage the same technology that drives top-of-the-ticket Democratic digital advertising efforts in a cost-effective and efficient manner. We’ve served voter-targeted advertising in all 50 states throughout the years, propelling thousands of candidates to electoral wins.

What exactly sets DemocraticAds.com apart from the competition?
  • Real-time Reporting. Provides political advertisers with the information they need to make judgments with transparent reporting in real-time.
  • NGP VAN Integration. Leverages NGP VAN, which allows you to surround the same folks you’re targeting at doors, over the phone, or via mail.
  • Micro-targeting. Offers several micro-targeting possibilities, like using our voter data partnerships, matching a list from NGP VAN, or uploading your own list.

DemocraticAds.com has been corroborated by awards throughout the years, including the Reed Award, Pollie Award, and AIVA Award. Fast to implement, simple to use, and supported by independent research and thousand of campaigns nationwide. Interested in getting started with this easy-to-use, industry-leading tool? Sign up for the platform and get your ads up and running in 10 minutes or less.