Elections are drawing closer each day, and we are seeing political digital ads on every corner of the internet! To help with the digital ad process during the busiest time of the year, we put together this handy little checklist for you. 

Follow these steps on your road to election day in order to run better targeted digital ads:

1. Rotate your creative

Every day closer to election day the competition to get your voter’s attention only gets more fierce. Even if it’s just a slight change, refresh your creative in these final days to stand out!

2. Adjust your budget

Keep a close eye on your digital ad buys as election day advances towards us. How much money do you have left? Where is it going? Are you maximizing the efficiency of your budget?

3. Adjust your audience

DSPolitical has prebuilt audience segments to target voters for GOTV! Make sure you’re using the right audiences for the right campaign. With mail-in ballots proving to be a popular option this year, we automatically exclude voters who already cast their vote to ensure that you’re only reaching the voters who have yet to send in their ballots!

4. Prepare for your big drop on the final weekend

The closer it gets to election day, the more voters tend to pay attention to political ads. This is also the time to really ramp up your GOTV ads!

5. Take a deep breath and stay hydrated!

Running an election campaign is no easy feat, so give yourself some credit and be proud of how far you have come! The finish line is in sight!

Of course these steps won’t take you far if you aren’t working with a strong digital ad targeting provider – like DSPolitical. Though it’s late in the season, it’s not too late to sign up for our self-service platform, DemocraticAds.com

Good luck, Democrats!