Are you interested in learning more about DSPolitical and what we have to offer? You’ve come to the right place. We’ve gathered all the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions in one spot.

About Digital Advertising

What is a DSP?

A demand-side platform (DSP) is software that allows advertisers to buy advertising from a network of publishers with the help of automation. This powerful tool automates decision-making processes and bids for ads in real-time, making the entire process significantly more efficient than traditional ad bidding. Visit our blog on DSP to learn more.

What’s programmatic advertising?

Programmatic advertising is the use of automated technology for media buying. It utilizes data to serve ads and comes in various mediums, including Display (banner, static images), Video, and Native (in-article advertising designed to look cohesive with the piece). Download the Programmatic 101 eBook to find out more.

Are digital ads expensive?

We work with your budget. With DSPolitical you can start running programmatic advertising with us for as little as $500.

What’s the difference between social media advertising and programmatic advertising?

Social media advertising lets you reach highly customizable sets of audiences with your custom lists or attributes. However, with lots of advertisers competing over limited inventory and targeting restrictions, it can be difficult to reach audiences more than a few times a week. 

On the other hand, programmatic advertising allows you to be highly specific in your audience building. For example, you can choose only to target registered voters, those that lean Democrat, or those that are likely to vote. This form of advertising also allows you to place your ads in high-quality inventory positions across the internet. 

About DSPolitical

What is DSPolitical?

DSPolitical is America’s leading digital advertising company for Democratic candidates and progressive causes. The company’s proprietary enterprise software, expansive inventory, breadth of reach, and unrivaled access to the best voter file data, make it a clear choice for those seeking a critical advantage over their competition.

What makes DSPolitical different?
  • Unrivaled Data. DSPolitical leverages both voter data partnerships with validated first-party voter data and allows our clients to bring their custom data from any source. 
  • Quality Onboarding.  By matching against multiple data onboarders, we can achieve unprecedented reach and scale across our client’s custom audience lists.
  • Unmatched Customer Experience. Founded in 2011 by political technology and campaign veterans, DSPolitical’s leadership team has decades of experience working with Democratic campaigns, progressive organizations, and in the political technology space.
How does DSPolitical reach voters?

Whether from your custom lists or through our voter data partnerships, DSPolitical uses the power of multiple onboarders to match over 600 million browser cookies and device profiles across hundreds of online identifiers to find your voters online. Our match rates are verified at 90% by third-party independent studies.  

Does DSPolitical support Democratic candidates?

DSPolitical is proud to work with Democratic candidates and progressive causes. 

Is DSPolitical Hiring?

Interest in joining our team. Visit our careers page for our latest job listings and some of the benefits of working at DSPolitical. Or check out the full list of openings across Optimal here.

How do I promote my political ad?

DSPolitical offers several different services based on your campaign needs; this includes our self-serve platforms of Deploy and, or our in-house team of experts can manage your media buys for you with our managed service offering. Visit our services page to learn more or contact us to find out which services match your needs.

What is Deploy?

Deploy by DSPolitical is the political-first programmatic platform built for Democratic candidates and consultants. Whether you’re running digital advertising for one candidate or managing multiple clients and campaigns, Deploy has the tools to reach voters at scale on display, native, video, and Connected TV. 

How can I stay up to date with DSPolitical?

Stay up to date with The latest news & expert advice for digital advertising and politics by following us on social (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter). Additionally, you can sign up for our newsletter so you receive updates whenever we release new blogs, ebooks, and webinar updates. 

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